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» Progress - Updating Java to JDK 8
21 March 2014

Time again for another update on what we've been up to. In a nutshell, we've made some good progress updating the server's Java code to JDK 8!

This has already been implemented on the Live Worlds server and seems to perform alot better than JDK 6/7. Once this is complete, we will be starting on finally updating Axiom to the most current release OR swapping out Axiom for the latest OGRE 3D OR Illricht 3d releases.

Once we have that in the bag, we'll turn our attention to updating the toolset for the platform and will aim to add some new features along the way.

There's still a lot to do, however these things have needed some love for quite awhile now.

We're also looking for developers to join our team - the more devs we have working on this, the faster we can get it up to speed and made available to the community as a whole.

If you'd like to help out, email me (James) on or fill out the contact form on our Contact Us page.

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» Updates to Wiki and more.
13 March 2014

Ok now that we have a functioning Live Worlds Server I will Finally have time to do some work to the WIKI and update / omit / disgard Information that is incorrect or no longer relevant SO , if you have discovered a better way to do something NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO HAVE IT ADDED / UPDATED in the wiki. Please email your updated info / new methods or what have you to me directly at and I will make sure your info is added to the correct spot in the WIKI after a little testing on the development server.

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» Screen Shots from Live Worlds!
10 March 2014

With out further Adeu, here are a few screenshots from the Live Worlds Server showing todays content change and the beginning of the new demo world! 


These Images are also now availible in the Photo Gallery also at higher resolutions and bigger sizes. Stay tuned for more as we build the world!

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» Demo World Update
10 March 2014

The Demo world has now been zeroed out and all previous "sampleworld" content removed in order to begin building the new world. As mentioned before, Please log in often do help test the world and give us feedback as we move forward. We are still working on a Live Worlds specific client at this time that will also become the portal to those projects hosted by our VPS offering in the event those projects do not produce their own version of a client and also to an up coming Free to play MMO offered by the foundation now in planning stages. We will now also open up the Live Worlds server to advertizing and promotion for those projects that may be interested.

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» Featured Projects
02 March 2014

I would like to remind every one that we will feature feature projects on the site for FREE. All you need do is contact us and we will post any screenshots and information you would like to show off about your projects. This will give everyone some web exposure and publicity as the site grows. So Snap some screen shots and get in touch with us!!!!

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» New Live Worlds Thread
27 February 2014

Added a new thread on the forum for the Live worlds server, If you are having issues or have feedback as we build the world, Please feel free to post it here: and we will address it as soon as possible 8) As the weeks drive on, we hope to build a virtual world in which real world commerce will drive the development of both a new concept in marketing real world goods within a virtual limitless universe as well as an entertaining , state of the art , free to play mmo unlike anything ever seen. A world built from the ground up, taking inspiration and making a reality based upon the input and feedback of everyone in the community. Our long road Lies ahead, with many challenges, but together we can all walk the path to an exciting future! See you in game!

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» Multiverse Software Foundation Live Worlds Server
26 February 2014

Account sign up page for the Foundation "Live Worlds" server ( demo world and more ) is now Live! Its not pretty yet but it does the job! Everyone feel free to create an account on the server and you will have instant access to the server , soon I will be compiling a new client for this however, if you already have the client, just append --master to your shortcut and use the username and password you created on the live worlds sign up page and you will be good to go!. At this time sample world is running on the live worlds server, however we will begin building the world we envision soon, Please be sure to log in often as there will be frequent patches and updates for the first few weeks. Just look for the Live Worlds Account link on the main page and this will take you to the account creation page. At this time a FREE account is now required to log in to the server. Hope to see you in live worlds!

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